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ABB Library Download manager FAQ

Download manager is small program which helps you downloading large files to your local computer. It speeds downloads up thanks to download process run in parallel in multiple threads, it also helps you resume broken downloads.

Q: Download manager does not start in my web browser

A: In order to use ABB Library Download manager - your browser has to be enabled for ActiveX controls.

To check if your Microsoft Internet Explorer is properly configured for running ActiveX component:
1. Go to browser window menu: Tools -> Options...

2. Go to Security tab and click on the Cutom Level... button
3. Ensure that your settings are set as below:

4. Confirm your changes and restart your browser.

Q: What is the behavior and usage of Download manager functions

A: After Download manager has been opened for specified target file the user might need to accept ActiveX component installation and select a local folder where the file is intended to be downloaded.

When Download manager is opened first time, ActiveX component which will handle the download process must be installed
Download manager - select folder

Depending on your web browser security level you might get the warning message as shown below

Download manager - select folder

Press Yes to proceed. Once the list of your local drives is displayed

Download manager - select folder

Please select folder on your computer where you want the file to be downloaded and press Select folder button
If your web browser setting disables folder selection, please type the local folder and press OK.
Download manager - select folder

Once the folder is selected start download by pressing Download button.

Available options:
Send us your comments - links to feedback form, your feedback is very welcome
URL - url to the target file, in case of any problems please click the link to download the file
Local Folder - folder where downloaded file will be saved on your computer
Status - displays current status of the file being downloaded
Progress - display field that let all users to see current document download status - example:
"Downloaded 248 kB of 61 MB ( 0% ) 23 minutes remaining, download speed: 44 kB/sec"

Download - starts download process, if the file has already been downloaded the process is resumed from the point where it was stopped or interrupted
Pause - pauses current download process, the download process can be restarted by pressing Download button.
Stop - stop the download process

Q: Does ABB Library Download manager support download resume
A: Yes. Download manager supports download resume which means that once user has stopped the download or download process was interrupted by network problem - it can be resumed without restarting the download process.
Download resume is not maintained after computer or browser window restart.

Q: Can I start download, then log off or restart my computer, and later resume the download?
A: Yes, download resumability is maintained accross computer or browser window restart.

Q: I download multiple files simultaneously?
A: Yes you can download multiple files by opening each download in separate instance of download manager window.

Q: Can I navigate back to ABB Library while the file is being downloaded?
A: No each download is opened in separate instance of your web browser window therefore document list should be always available in the parent window instance

Q: Where can I find ABB Library Download manager
A: ABB Library Download manager is standalone application that is available for internal and external users:
>>> http://search.abb.com/LibraryDownloadManager/Default.aspx
- the same address is for external and internal user
Also for several ABB Library internal and external front end applications it is automatically launched for the documents that size exides specific size limit.

Q. What is current Library file size level that activates Download manager support
A: All Library front-end applications that are supported by Download manager (new ASP.NET applications serving document lists) adds special URLs pointing to ABB Library Download manager - whenever file size is more size of 25 MB.

Q: What are Library front-end applications supported by Download manager
A: Download manager is enabled automatically for:
- Download Center (internal and external)
>>> sample link
- Download Section
>>> sample link

- ABBLibrary.asp (logical link application)
>>> sample link
Q: How to use Download manager for specified Library file.
A: ABB Library Download manager supports special URL parameter named "resource" used for specifying target Library files that can be downloaded with usage of Download manager.
To download this file via ABB Library Download Manage - add complete url to physical Library file.

Last edited 2008-03-31