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ABB Recorders Receive Highest Rating for Service by Control Magazine's North American Readers!

ABB Recorders Receive Highest Rating for Service by Control Magazine's North American Readers!ABB's recorders have been awarded the highest rating for service by Control magazines readers in North America, beating out all of their competitors in the annual Reader's Choice Awards. In publishing the awards, Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief of Control, stated; "THE BEST gift is something you didn’t know you needed, but once you get it, it becomes absolutely essential. To give such a gift, the giver must know something about the recipient that he didn’t know himself, which isn’t surprisingly difficult, and mostly requires a little careful observation, thought, creativity and follow through.

These are the attributes shared and routinely practiced by the winners of Control's 14th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. They don’t wait for users to call with problems. They go out and find potential difficulties, and provide the genuine, real-time partnering that’s always far easier to promise than actually deliver."

The above description aptly describes the level of support that Gary Freemer and Dick Wolf of ABB Instrumentation in the U.S. have provided to their recorder customers. Their hardwork and dedication to providing service to ABB recorder customers seeking application help or technical support is major reason why ABB was awarded the top rating by Control's readership.

A blend of 80 years of experience and imaginative engineering has made ABB’s broad range of recorders a benchmark for the industry. From easy to use circular chart recorders through to expanding range paperless videographic recorders', ABB has a recorder to meet every customer's application. For example, the new C1300 advanced recorder is proving especially popular with Municipal customers in the U.S.

In addition to recorders, ABB has a complete range of indicators and controllers in different sizes and enclosures providing ‘on-site’ measurement and indication wherever you need it.

Last edited 2006-05-03
C1300 Advanced Circular Recorder