New irrigation project with DSI in Antalya, Turkey to be realized with RTU solution

2013-10-14 - RTU511 boosts the water network to meet the rising demand of an upcoming area.
ABB’s RTU team and our Partner YEO is happy to announce the successful project set up for a water utility in Turkey. Due to an increased demand and a lack of water canals the complete water network for the irrigation of the region around Korkuteli in Antalya should be modernized.

The irrigation in the region of Korkuteli was set up as an open network with irrigation canals from Korkuteli Dam. With a growing population and an aging irrigation structure the provision of water forall could not be guaranteed. So for the modernization of the pipeline of 250 km length, ABB provides 631 units of RTU511, the new compact and cost-efficient product of the RTU500 series.

Within the project the RTUs will collect and monitor the data of local processes among the pipeline and transmit those data via VPN connection to the SCADA system. This will allow the water utility to effectively control the water passage and thus minimize the water loss.

Thanks to ABB‘s high product quality and the excellent local support from YEO, the good relationship with the customer allowed this ground-breaking deal to be initialized.The modernization of the water network will lead to a minimization of water losses and allow an expansion of the canals within the residential areas.

With this project the water utility customer and the complete region around Korkuteli will profit from an extensive and effective irrigation system which will meet the increasing demand of a growing popultation.

Korkuteli dam in Turkey