ABB Type V 40 kA Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Restricted/Phase Out Notice

2012-12-20 - Due to the release of the R-MAG® 40 kA offering, ABB will be phasing-out production of the Type V 38 kV 40 kA rated vacuum circuit breaker. This product will be moving from the active to the restricted phase of its life cycle.
Sales of the Type V 38 kV 40 kA breaker will continue until May 31, 2013 on an exception and restricted basis only. The "last buy" opportunity will extend until this time. The Type V 38 kV 40 kA vacuum circuit breaker will be moved to the obsolete phase of its life cycle on June 1, 2013.

With the release of the R-MAG 38 kV 40 kA offering, ABB now has a complete portfolio of magnetically actuated outdoor breakers. This completes the phase out of ABB’s medium voltage outdoor breakers utilizing a spring charge mechanism.

It is ABB’s intention to provide full support after the "manufacturing end" through field service, post order parts replacement and repair.

ABB is committed to delivering the latest technology to the market with a complete offering of magnetically actuated medium voltage outdoor breakers.