Enabling the power of the wind at EWEA 2014

2014-03-05– At EWEA 2014 - the Europe´s premiere wind power event - ABB will be presenting its cutting-edge widening offer for the complete wind energy value chain, from components to make more efficient and productive wind turbines till remote grid connection solutions for the largest wind farms.
A strong commitment with environment, more than 100 years of experience in power generation, and being a key player on the wind power sector since more than 30 years ago, explains why ABB is nowadays considered as the partner of choice - in what electric and automation technologies refers - for many of the companies operating in this sector.

At EWEA 2014, that will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from March 10 till March13, ABB will showcase new generations of many of its traditional technologies and new developments concretely designed for the wind power sector.

New doubly-fed generator for on-shore turbines.
Talking about the wind turbine, ABB will introduce at EWEA a new doubly-fed generator (DFIG) for on-shore turbines over 3 MW. The design of this generator features a new robust slip ring construction with increased brush lifetime and easy maintenance. With this generator ABB expands its broad offering of high speed generator series available in doubly-fed, induction and proven permanent magnet designs.

ACS 880 converter for wind applications.
Also for turbines – whether on-shore or off-shore - ABB has developed a new low voltage converter. This full power converter, rated from 1 to 8 megawatts, is available to be used in operations with induction and permanent magnet generators. It is engineered to lower levelized cost of energy through maximum availability, high efficiency and advanced grid code compliance.

To make easier build up and maintenance processes of wind farms, as well as increase its reliability, ABB has also designed a new - compact and scalable - medium voltage switchgear tailor made for wind power segment: SafePlus 36.

In the area of control and monitoring of wind power plants, the novelty is the ABB´s power generation solution based on Symphony Plus. This solution offers remote management of the plant to help increase assets value, a plant SCADA for data gathering and to increase analysis capabilities, and a unique control point to manage the complete plant operations.

ABB will not only show its capabilities in products and systems, but in services for wind power operators. From lifecycle management, maintenance, or power consulting, to new offers like wind turbines retrofit, a process capable to increase performance of old fixed speed turbines by applying variable speed mechanisms to adapt the speed of the generator to the requirements of the wind at every moment, opening a door to increase the production of existing wind power plants.

All interested in these new technologies and many more can visit ABB booth at EWEA 2014 (Hall 7, booth 7D60) or take a sneak peek at ABB at EWEA portal.

You can also watch the video interview below, where Alfredo Parres, Head of Wind ISI at ABB, talks about the novelties that we will showcase at EWEA 2014.

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