RTU release 11.0

2013-04-26 - The highlight of the release 11.0 is the new RTU511, a new hardware for feeder automation. With the introduction of this product the complete RTU product portfolio has been restructured for a clear and comprehensive overview. Furthermore, minor engineering and diagnosis improvements are also part of the Release 11.0.
Dear Partners and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release 11.0 of the RTU500 series.
The flexible and modular designed Remote Terminal Units (RTU) of RTU500 series provide a complete, modern solution with many integrated functions.

The scalability of the system allows perfect adaption for station reinforcement, retrofit and upgrades. RTUs are available with flexible footprints, as a 19’’ rack solution, 10.5’’ rack version and as DIN rail solutions. This way the products are suitable for various applications from transmission and distribution to smart grids and feeders.

New hardware RTU511
511CIM01 base module
With Release 11.0 the new RTU511 product 511CIM01 completes the RTU500 series portfolio for feeder automation and secondary distribution substations. This cost-efficient product is suitable for a high temperature range and installations with limited amount of space. The tailored housing allows the flexible integration of input/output (I/O) modules, further local and distributed I/Os can be added.

The recently introduced product 511CIM01 comprises a communication unit, a multi-I/O board (16 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs, 6 analog inputs) and a wide-range power supply with optional battery buffered real time clock. A state-of-the-art processor based on ARM technology provides high functionality for limited space requirements.

The migration kit 511MKM01
Existing RTU211 installations can be upgraded to the RTU511 functionality with the new migration kit 511MKM01, thus protecting customer investments. In just a few steps the CMU and the housing can be exchanged, and the engineering data of RTU211 can be imported using RTUtil500.

For more details about RTU511 please have a look at the RTU511 product line flyer (Brochure, pdf, 0,40 MB) or at the website.

New features and enhancements
Engineering improvements

8 guided steps for the RTU wizard
For an easier and clearly arranged engineering of ABB’s RTUs only one single configuration file and one single firmware file are available for 511CIM01. To further support engineers with the configuration the adding and linking process of network tree nodes has been improved. Furthermore, the RTU Wizard, ABB’s engineering tool for small RTUs, has been adapted so that RTU511 can also be configured with this tool.

Time synchronization
To enable a start-up of the RTU with an up-to-date time RTU511 is available with a battery-buffered real-time clock. During warm start-up the time is stored on the memory. In case of a cold start-up the last known time will be used so that the formerly shown time “01.01.1980” is only visible at the first start-up of the RTU.
Furthermore, the RTU internal time management is based on (UTC) now. Additionally, correct local time configurations of time zones and daylight saving times can be adjusted in the settings.

Diagnosis improvements
RTU500 series system diagnosis
With Release 11 the diagnosis function of the web server has been updated with filter functions. Users can now filter events for system information, activities information, I/Os modules and connected I/O devices. In addition, a clearer overview is provided with time qualifiers and summer/winter time. Logged events are now persistently stored within the system diagnosis.

Furthermore, system information was introduced to make the use of memory card adapter superfluous. All files required for post-analyzing of RTU behavior are now available in the system information, including configuration file, HMI files, PLC files, system diagnosis files, error detection and reporting files, Comboard statistics of the CMU, and file information about firmware of own CMU. This will improve the quality of the hotline support.
The new 511CIM01 is equipped with a USB port which can be used as a diagnosis interface based on web server.

Further improvements
A secured licence file format has been introduced with Release 11. This licence file is human readable and is secured by signature.
The update of Multiprog WT version 2.11 includes the support of up to 2,000 inputs and outputs and an increased amount of supported data points in PLC programs. These improvements are also applicable with Release 10 configurations.

For detailed information please have a look at the 511CIM01 data sheet and the 511CIM01 connections and settings . These documents you can download in the ABB library or in RTU500 series documentation.

Any feedback is most welcome to help us maintain our high quality.

Sincerely yours,
Sigbert Reimann

Global Product Management,
Remote Terminal Units
Substation Automation
ABB Power Systems