Minimal efforts for optimal cooling for LV AC Drives: New long-life spare part fans into use from August 1, 2017.


ABB introduces new long-life spare part fans for LV AC Drives and will take them into use on August 1, 2017. This development was motivated by customers’ requirement of a longer fan maintenance interval. Improved fan components and new fan technology that were not available before, enabled this change today.

The customers having long-life fans installed into their drives will be recommended to replace it every 9 years of a drive’s operation, along with the other components maintenance actions. The fans are backward compatible and can be installed in the same way as the preceding fan type, which is why most of the ABB codes remain the same. The visible indication of a long-life fan will be a sticker on it.

The prices of spare part fans will increase 70% in average. The reason for the price change is the improved lifetime and quality of the fans used in LV AC drives. To support the planned preventive maintenance service for existing drives, the maintenance kits prices will remain the same during 2017.

New long-life fans are ABB-specific parts and will be available only from ABB or Authorized Value Providers

Please find additional information via ABB library:

Technical note: New improved long-life fans for LV AC drives

ABB internal presentation: Original ABB long-life fans(internal)

External presentation: Original ABB long-life fans

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Item code specific information: ABB Item codes.docxABB Item codes.docx

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