BKE-MARS unit: New intelligence for existing installations

2010-04-13 - New development now also offers smart metering for existing installations.
Since January 2010, for the purpose of climate protection and energy saving, the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG) strictly prescribes intelligent electricity meters for new metering installations. In connection with a data gateway, electronic domestic supply meters enable real-time measurement, visualisation and billing of power consumption and thus its optimisation. With the new BKE-MARS unit from STRIEBEL & JOHN, owners of existing meter installations can now also reap all the benefits of Smart Metering.

The fastening and contacting provision as an adapter (BKE-A) forms the basis of the BKE-MARS unit for electronic domestic supply meters. The meter is plugged into this adapter, enabling meter replacement without power interruptions. The operator is protected against accidentally coming into contact with live parts. A sealed device carrier for additional electronic domestic supply meter applications, such as a data gateway for Smart Metering is the second integral part of the BKE-MARS unit.

This new development from STRIEBEL & JOHN proves decisively advantageous in terms of rapid replacement and assembly, flexible usage as well as straightforward retrofitting provided by intelligent modularity. As such, the system enables the replacement of existing Ferraris meters with electronic domestic supply meters in no time at all.

Due to the fact that the MARS device carrier and the terminal cover are only secured to the electronic domestic supply meter adapter at two points, the meter can be assembled in just a few steps. The BKE-MARS unit can be used in all meter boards with a meter-cross for meter mounting. Thanks to the modular structure, an existing installation which already features an adapter (BKE-A) and electronic domestic supply meter can be prepared for a Smart Metering solution by simply installing the ZE530 device carrier.


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