A smart home that’s both attractive and intelligent

2018-03-02 - Casper Stendahl, owner of the electrical installation company NT El-Service, has installed smart home automation with ABB-free@home in his home and is so pleased with the system that he has spread it to both his neighbour and a number of customers
In the house, ABB-free@home controls lighting, air-conditioning, heating, sound and access control

Casper Stendahl had considered making a conventional installation solution in his newly built house in Vestbjerg, north of Aalborg, but an introduction to ABB-free@home made him change his mind and select an option that allows him to manage the lights, air-conditioning, heating, sound and access control in ABB’s smart solution.

“I wasn’t aware of free@home when we planned to build our house and I was introduced to it, but it's very easy to install and configure, says Casper Stendahl, co-owner of NT El-Service in Svenstrup. In fact, Casper Stendahl has gained such a good experience with the system that he has already sold it to several of his customers.”

His house is 263 m2 and is situated on a site of 2,300 m2 in the new residential area Højgaarden on the outskirts of Vestbjerg, where Casper Stendahl and his family can enjoy the view over the fields towards Aalborg and the Limfjord from the bright open-plan kitchen and living room.

High user-friendliness and comfort
Inside the house, Casper Stendahl shows and explains how the home is controlled with the wall-mounted touchscreens and on programmed pushbuttons on the walls. The lights inside and outside have been programmed in different scenarios, and the intuitive system is integrated with Philips Hue and Sonos, providing a good sound in all rooms. ABB is at the forefront of home and building automation market driving more convenient and energy efficient living through its ABB Ability™ portfolio of connected and software-enabled solutions.

“ABB's small touchscreens have the same user-friendliness as an iPhone or Android phone. I actually regret that I have not installed a display in each room, as this would have saved a thermostat and a pushbutton,” he explains and shows how the system can be operated with the provided ABB-free@home app that is also used to unlock the door of the house.

The floor heating of the house is programmed with minus values, so the floor is always 21 degrees, even though the actual room temperature is 19 degrees. This is increasing the comfort.

Schuko and Impressivo
When considering the installation materials, black ABB Impressivo switches were selected, which, in addition to pushbuttons, also include floor heating thermostats as well as USB, TV and data connectors.

“We gave careful consideration to the switches and selected the black ones as they really complementedthe interior and looked great when they were placed on the wall,” says Casper Stendahl.

Smart future
Although Casper Stendahl is happy to show the house to invited guest interested in smart home automation, for him, like everyone else, he is not interested in uninvited guests. Therefore, the system must be expanded with video surveillance and access control with face recognition.

Casper Stendahl is convinced that ABB-free@ home will expand in the future with many new features.

“When the system is so amazing during the start-up phase, how will it be in two years? I am sure it will develop even more when ABB's computer programmers add further features. The installation time is also short, and in five years, I don’t think anyone will build a non-smart house,” predicts Casper Stendahl.