The Relion® 620 Series of Distribution Protection Relays now Available for ANSI Markets

2013-01-07 - The newest member of the Relion® family of protection relays is now available from ABB, the global leader in Distribution Automation. 
The Relion 620 series of Protection Relays is now available for the ANSI markets.  With advanced designs for Feeder, Motor, and Transformer protection, the launch of the Relion 620 series extends the Relion portfolio for the ANSI markets and is an important step forward for ABB.

The Relion 620 series ANSI has been designed from the ground up for the ANSI market.  It is qualified to the latest ANSI standards and is fully UL listed.  It is the perfect solution for Utility and Industrial customers throughout North America.

The Relion 620 series is designed with advanced features such as:

    • Extensive I/O capabilities
    • Advanced communications – Dual / Ethernet communication ports
    • Embedded Web HMI 
    • Programmable logic, push-buttons and LEDs
    • Dual rated CT’s (5/1 A) and power supplies (48/125 Vdc)
    • Multiple configurations for customer to match price-features
    • Quick and easy Smart Grid realization
    • Environmentally friendly – no batteries, RoHS compliance

It also offers superior technology, such as HIZ downed conductor detection, arc flash detection, embedded trip circuit monitoring, step distance protection, and three restraint transformer differential.

Would you like more information on the Relion 620 series or any of the other Relion products? Please contact us at 954-752-6700, we will be glad to help.
The Relion 620 series from ABB offers solutions to high-end  Distribution Automation applications for the ANSI markets