Driving innovation and productivity in Australian manufacturing

By Rajesh Maker

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Toucan and MEI, ABB’s newest AVPs. Toucan originally signed with ABB as an MPT partner last year, although more recently, they have broadened their scope to also include drives. They have been servicing the food and beverage, mining, wood processing and agricultural sectors in NSW for the past 15 years. MEI is the newest AVP for ABB, covering New Caledonia, with a focus on LV motors and generators. They are active across the mining, manufacturing, waste water and marine sectors.

In this edition of 'In Motion', we take a visit to Ford Australia’s crash-testing facility in Victoria, where ABB's Drives and Controls business recently implemented an upgrade of the Crash Test Barrier. This investment signals a strong commitment to Ford's Australian Product Development facilities, which is expected to provide product development capabilities to Ford’s global operations, long after the last cars roll of the production lines in Australia.

Still on the topic of manufacturing, High Technology Control (HTC), an ABB AVP in Sydney, has recently implemented a PLC solution, to add safety and operational efficiency to a range of Standard Rooftop Packaged (RTP) reverse-cycle air-conditioning units for Air Change Australia.

We also take a look at how ABB in the US is using robotics in its Baldor motors manufacturing facility to help keep manufacturing in the US and take its employees out of harm's way.

In Product News, ABB has recently extended the IRB 6700 family of robots, to include two new additions. The new robots now come with payloads from 155 to 200 kilograms and reaches from 2.85 to 2.60 meters. Further modifications, including a cost-effective Integrated Dressing feature, combined with better energy efficiency, has resulted in a 20 percent reduction in total cost of ownership. This makes the IRB 6700 robots, a very attractive proposition to end-customers.

Another interesting development is ABB’s new solar pump drives solution, which is now available to our AVPs in Australia. The complete system consists of four components: a PV cell, ABB drive, motor and pump. This new offering was originally developed by ABB in India, where solar power was identified as a reliable alternative power source, due to a limited supply of grid power.

As previously mentioned, our Common Business Online Tool (cBOL) is now available to process orders and check product status. We greatly value your feedback on cBOL, so please feel free to drop us a line. If you have not yet started using the online tool, please take some time to download the cBOL flyer. Discounts apply for every order received via the tool.

Last but not least, ABB will be exhibiting at several major tradeshows across Australia in the coming months. Please see our 'Upcoming Events' section of 'In Motion' for further details.

For more information on any of the above, please get in contact. ABB looks forward to serving you once again throughout 2014!

Rajesh Maker,
Channel and Authorised Value Provider Program Manager