ABB Customer World 2017 Review

2017-04-21 - The first ABB Customer World brought professionals from utilities, industries and infrastructure together for a premier educational and collaboration experience. The event in Houston, North America had more than 8,000 attendees. Existing and new customers were introduced to our new technologies and through the launch of ABB Ability, learned about ABB as “the hidden digital champion.” This event gave customers an innovative look at new ideas, trends and technologies that will impact the way their company moves forward in a rapidly changing business landscape. The Process Industries team proudly presented our solutions for the pulp & paper, mining, metals and cement industries, with a focus on connecting with the digital aspects.
For mining, this year was its first time in the center of the exhibition. Sharing one of the four large ABB Ability walls, mining was well represented, and displayed five key products:
  • ABB’s Mine Location Intelligence™
  • Smart Ventilation
  • Hoist Performance Monitoring Service
  • Remote Service Collaboration
  • GMD beat & GMD fit
    With an industry expert standing at the wall at all times to give a brief introduction to our mining ability portfolio during routine tours, the customers were well informed. ABB mining also had another first this year: a Virtual Reality experience of our gearless mill drive (GMD). The experience allowed users to operate and inspect the machine, while getting a feel for its sheer scale using the virtual reality headset and controllers.

    In the mining booth we had an operator workplace to display our control room and monitoring capabilities. With a good level of traffic, our experts were able to capitalize on questions and generate some good potential leads. Two interactive landscapes were also on display. One worked as an electronic brochure library, able to digitally email the customers with the information they requested. The second navigated and explained our extensive mining portfolio.

    The Pulp, Paper, Metals and Cement area featured the Pulp & Paper Drives truck along with eight workstations, staffed by the individual business drivers.

    The Drives truck highlighted ABB’s sequenced and coordinated drives solutions for Paper Machine control, in addition to a System 800xA controller and Operator workstation.

    The DCS (Distributed Control Systems) area featured:
    • The System 800xA version 6.0 Operator and Engineering clients, which several customers stopped by to experience being both an Operator and an Engineer.
    • ABB’s APC (Advanced Process Control) for the pulping area, which can increase the efficiency of any pulp mill.

    The CPM (Collaborative Production Management) workstation featured some of our advanced process optimization solutions, and was linked to the ABB Ability area, highlighting ABB’s dedication to the digital future.

    The QCS (Quality Control Systems) area of the booth featured three distinct QCS solutions: QCS, Actuators and WIS (Web Imaging Systems.)

    The L&W (Lorentzen & Wettre) workstation featured several examples of ABB’s advanced Pulp & Paper analysis equipment, including:
    • L&W Short Span Compression Tester (STFI/SCT)
    • L&W Micrometer
    • L&W OptiTopo tester

    The Cement workstation area featured several presentations and videos of ABB’s extensive Cement solutions from around the world. Several Lime kiln and Cement kiln process control solutions were on display.

    The Metals workstation highlighted ABB’s partnering with major global iron and steel producers. Many of ABB’s successes and solutions for increased efficiency and reduced costs were also showcased.

    Each of the workstations in the Pulp, Paper, Metals and Cement area was staffed by our knowledgeable Business Drivers (each with 25 years+ experience).

    The event was a fantastic experience! Everyone is invited to watch the video to experience ABB as a digital champion.