ABB Decathlon® for DCIM helps higher education stretch existing data center assets—and dollars.

2013-10-29 - Institutions of higher learning find relief in DCIM: ABB Decathlon for DCIM - Education Edition enables colleges and universities to reduce their data center energy costs while increasing reliability of the school’s online services.
Cary, N.C., October 22, 2013 – ABB, a leader in power and automation technology, announced the general availability of ABB Decathlon® for DCIM - Education Edition, a data center infrastructure management solution that enables schools to attain maximum reliability, energy efficiency and optimal utilization of all data center assets. The proliferation of mobile applications used in all facets of education, as well as the movement toward massive online open courses (MOOCs), have put data centers in the spotlight with institutions of higher learning.

Decathlon for DCIM - Education Edition includes:
- Special pricing on deployment for accredited academic institutions
- Real-time power monitoring for both power and cooling systems
- Energy-wise reports to help with energy savings and forecasting

Colleges and universities increasingly rely on the school’s data center operations for essential services like student registration, admissions, financial aid, and call centers, as well as for innovations in learning, such as online classes, collaboration tools, and secure storage and file sharing. Only a decade ago colleges and universities were grappling with stand-alone servers and distance learning technologies. Today, in the new era of increasingly connected and virtualized systems, they are managing sophisticated data centers and supporting the large audio, video and data needs of MOOCs.

“The general public doesn’t realize that our college data center must deliver highly reliable online services just like any enterprise data center,” said Rick Penny, director of administrative technologies at Lakeland Community College in Northeast Ohio. “We’ve implemented single sign-on, video on-demand, media sharing and collaboration forums. And, just like the enterprise sector, we face challenges with managing power and cooling, forecasting capacity, and ensuring reliability. To improve the reliability of our data center services and to help curb our operating expenses—especially energy consumption—we rely on ABB Decathlon.”

How do schools benefit? By providing visibility into system availability and performance; enabling capacity management of power, cooling and space; automating workflow processes and more. Decathlon ensures data center services are available and systems are running at optimal conditions. Lakeland Associate Director of Administrative Technologies Anthony Joy, explained, “We’re still learning all of the things that Decathlon can do for us. With our new data center, our first task is to begin building an energy baseline. Decathlon has already helped us make quick improvements—like correcting an airflow problem that showed our return-air temperature was lower than expected. You can’t fix what you can’t see. Decathlon provides the visibility we need to improve our efficiency tactics.”

All of this translates directly into savings that can be realized through lower energy bills, which can amount to a significant portion of a school administration budget. Also, it helps defer capital expenditure, such as reducing the waste of under-utilized servers or outmoded equipment that cost more to run and maintain than newer efficient models.

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About ABB Decathlon for DCIM: ABB Decathlon for DCIM (, built on an open platform design, provides the tools to manage a flexible network of power, cooling and IT systems for maximum reliability, energy efficiency and optimal utilization of all data center assets. It is part of ABB’s broad portfolio of integrated solutions, products and services, from AC and DC electric distribution systems to enterprise management, uninterruptible power supply and grid connections.

About ABB: ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 150,000 people.