Medium voltage drive combines robust performance with ease-of-use

2017-01-04 - A cabinet-built medium voltage AC drive rated from 6 to 11 kilovolt (kV), 200 kilowatts (kW) up to 6,300 kW and for use across many industries such as cement, power generation and water is available from ABB.
The ABB drive, ACS580MV, features a new generation of cascaded h-bridge technology which offers superior harmonic mitigation.

The drive’s power loss ride-through ensures reliable, robust operation against weak network performance. The drive`s ability to ride through short main supply voltage interruptions means that in most cases, the process is unaffected.

Features like IP42 redundant cooling fans and an advanced preventive warning system ensure highest reliability even in harsh industrial environments. The plug-in fieldbus adapter modules enable connectivity with all major automation systems.

The control panel’s settings menu and assistants help operate the drive effectively. The menus are clearly named by function, such as motor, ramp and limit settings. The Drive composer PC tool offers extensive drive monitoring and process tuning capabilities. The PC tool is connected to the drive’s control panel via USB or Ethernet interface.

The built-in energy calculators, including used and saved kWh, CO2 reduction and money saved, help the user monitor and fine-tune processes to ensure optimal energy use.

The standardised interface for fieldbus, I/O’s, cable entry and breaker control in combination with emergency off and emergency stop functions ensure easy and safe drive operation.

Features of the the ACS580MV include superior harmonic mitigation, power loss ride-through and an advanced preventive warning system.