Successful Total Productive Maintenance seminar for the automotive industry by ABB Robotics in Malaysia

2014-09-15 - A seminar on Total Productive Maintenance provided an excellent opportunity for close interaction with customers from the automotive industry, and the perfect venue to present the latest in Preventive Maintenance from ABB Robotics in Malaysia.

For the customer event arranged by ABB Robotics in Malaysia and the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, over 20 participants from the automotive industry were invited to a full day’s seminar on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and the value of Preventive Maintenance. TPM optimizes the cooperation and effectiveness between production and maintenance. With a relatively low investment in maintenance, TPM will improve equipment and plant productivity. The key performance indicator Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is commonly applied to measure the effectiveness of TPM.

Seminar attendees learned how to tackle breakdowns through quantification and root cause analysis methods. OEE was introduced and practised as a method to assess the potential impact of a breakdown. Participants were given the opportunity to benchmark themselves with the OEE leader Toyota, with an OEE level of 85%. The added value of Preventive Maintenance from ABB was the focal point of the last session. Topics covered were site diagnosis, quantified justification, traceability, status reports, detailed risk and impact analysis, plus the benefits of receiving a suggestion on a potential root cause by an experienced ABB engineer.

“In essence it shows our genuine interest in customer day-to-day challenges to help them reach the highest productivity, contrary to the industry’s sometimes break and fix attitude.”

The event provided the attending customers with inspirational and valuable insights including how quantifiable calculations can justify an investment in a service or upgrade and how OEE calculations can indicate the necessary level of Preventive Maintenance.

The Malaysian Service Team succeeded in positioning ABB Robotics as the right partner for Preventive Maintenance; a valuable source for productivity improvement advice; a leading provider of training to increase staff competence level; and reliable supplier of original ABB spare parts, upgrades, replacements and retrofits to reduce downtime.
All in perfect harmony with the Malaysian market offer.

With a satisfaction score above 80% the customer event was a true success, encouraging ABB Robotics in Malaysia to arrange additional seminars in the future. “Good seminar, I hope to join the next event!” said an enthusiastic customer from WSA. “The event provided appreciated training plus I received a lot of useful information from experienced trainers,” concurred a participant from Ingress.

This is a textbook example where a Local Business Unit creatively develops an opportunity for close customer interaction. “In essence it shows our genuine interest in customer day-to-day challenges to help them reach the highest productivity, contrary to the industry’s sometimes break and fix attitude,” says Hoong-Teen Choong, Service Manager, ABB Robotics, Malaysia.

Effective TPM eliminates five losses:
  1. Equipment breakdowns
  2. Defects, scrap, and rework
  3. Safety issues
  4. Mini stoppages
  5. Reduced speed

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