End-to-end asset health: How AEP and others are moving into the future

2014-09-08 - Smart Grid News article by Jesse Berst, September 8, 2014
Why the #1 obstacle to end-to-end asset health is often... people

The three steps above explain the technical procedures. But there's another process that needs to be running in parallel, according to ABB's Gary Rackliffe, Vice President Smart Grids for North America. That process is change management – renewing the business processes.
"The aim of asset health management is not just to point to bad assets," he explains. "It's to move to a mode where you are looking forward rather than looking back – acting proactively rather than reactively."
"Many utilities who have built their own systems have a pretty good assessment of what's going to happen," he continues. "Yet their actual maintenance practices remain based on schedules and reacting to problems. They have the new information, but they don't get full value because they don't change their approach to maintenance."

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