Announcement - Changes to Freelance Pricebook

Dear all,

As part of PA Control Technologies Essential Automation (eA) program, we are pleased to announce that commencing 1st January, 2013 the new eA Freelance Price Book will include the full selection of parts required to order a Freelance system. In the first instance this specifically refers to the addition of our S900 and S800 I/O range, Panel 800, Fieldbus network components and 800xA Connect for Freelance.

This move allows us to have all the Freelance products delivered from one location so that only a single order is needed hence minimizing order processing and reducing complexity.

At this point, article numbers remain common between the Extended and Essential versions but again effective 1st January, 2013 all Regional and / or Local Sales BU's placing orders for I/O components for their eA Freelance business should place them with PA CT Distribution Center Singapore, i.e. the Singapore (SG) Distribution Center with their "conventional" Freelance hardware & software orders.

This move will allow us to prepare for the full release of Freelance 2013 and accelerate further our global growth for the Freelance line.

Orders for I/O products for our eA Compact Products Suite should continue to be placed in either PA CT Distribution Center SG or SE per your location until further notice.

Best regards,
BU CT Singapore Delivery Center