Urgent shipment

2018-02-05 - For urgent, immediate shipment with high emergency
For urgent, immediate shipment with high emergency and special attention requested (shipment during the day), if it happens CN after hours: 5:00 PM to 9:00 AM the next day, parts stocked in Menden, please following below steps

· Europe countries check the stocks and place order in BOL

· Europe countries email the urgent request to SH people(Mike Zhang, Iris Li),copy SH:Susan Zhu & Menden:Marcus Kreisler, then calling the emergency phone number (+86-139 1620 2082)

· SH people email &phone to Menden to confirm and arrange the shipment of the part

· SH team ask European countries to confirm all the cost caused by the emergency

· local countries send the confirmed email of the cost and shipment to SH people

· Menden arrange the urgent shipment

· Billing/Invoice

Duty table and contact
LocationEmergency contactsupport timeEmergency phone numberback up phoneEmail
SHMike ZhangJan./Mar./May/Jul./Sep./Nov. 201886 139 1620 208286 177 2133 6039mike-hua.zhang@cn.abb.com
SHIris LiFeb./Apr./Jun./Aug./Oct./Dec. 201887 139 1620 208286 181 1617 9058iris-yanjing.li@cn.abb.com
MendenMarcus Kreisler Jan.01-Dec.31.2018