ABB Customer World joins people, Industry 4.0

2017-04-18 - Control Global article - April 17, 2017
he challenges to the energy, process automation and other industrial sectors have never been greater, but luckily the solutions for overcoming them have never been better. They just require bringing people and these digitalized tools together to complement each other, and achieve their true potential. This was the main takeaway for about 8,000 attendees who took in the keynotes, conference sessions, panel discussions and other gatherings at ABB Customer World 2017 on March 13-16 in Houston, which returned re-branded after a two-year hiatus.

Overall, ABB has been transforming, and is now globally number one or number two in its four main business areas—first in process control, motion control, power transmission and distribution, and second in electrification and robotics, according to ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “We want to be your partner of choice, and we won't rest in our efforts to bring you new technology to serve you, when you need it, wherever you are,” said Spiesshofer in his keynote address.  

Over the past seven years, ABB has invested $10 billion in R&D, organic growth and acquisitions in the U.S. “We now employ 20,000 people and operate 60 manufacturing sites in the U.S.,” adds Spiesshofer. “Here, ABB is number one for power grids and motion, and we’re the first global company to produce robots in the U.S.”

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