Increasing the availability of robotics automation solutions in Singapore

ABB collaborates with PBA Group to further support the government's Industry Transformation Program

ABB and PBA Group (Precision Bearings and Automation) have signed a distributorship agreement allowing the two parties to help increase the availability and accessibility of robotic automation solutions in the market through system integrators. The collaboration will also accelerate the development of robust robotics automation solutions which are tailored to address the industry’s pertinent needs.

The cooperation will build on the efforts that the government has been making to increase productivity across all sectors through its Industry Transformation program. $850 million has been committed to both the Automation Support Package and National Robotics Program to drive the nationwide adoption of robotic automation solutions.

“This collaboration will allow us to combine our complementary capabilities in efforts to develop smart solutions for the market. Smart automation solutions have the ability to increase productivity significantly and reduce overall production cost. This is even more achievable with the Government’s initiative which helps make adoption more affordable,” said Chang Thai Nam, ABB’s manager for Robotics and Motion division in Singapore.

“In the years to come, automation will become an essential process for many enterprises to remain competitive. However many people are unfamiliar with how to automate their processes and are lacking the resources to do so. With this collaboration, we hope to support in transforming industries through providing local enterprises with market ready automation solutions.” said Derrick Yap, CEO, PBA Group.

PBA Group, a local automation firm, is currently playing a leading role in bringing both robotic partners as well as System Integrators (SI) together to design smart systems for Singapore SMEs. The company supplies mechanical precision, automation and motion control components and have been lending their expertise to help other local firms adopt robotics and increase their productivity. ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots. The Swiss automation giant brings with it, strong expertise and experience in industrial robotics and has a broad portfolio that can facilitate the implementation of smarter automation solutions.

PBA’s comprehensive range of products in factory automation and experience in local industries together with ABB’s strong robotics application focus and technical know-how will allow for automation solutions to be effectively packaged and made market-ready for easy adoption, thus driving efforts to steer Singapore’s industry to adopt smart automation solutions.