On-site repair service

For transformer repairs requiring a truly fast-track solution, especially where transportation back to a factory is a challenge, ABB has developed an on-site repair service that brings our factory resources to the customer.
Internationally, ABB has established a great deal of experience in carrying out on site transformer repairs. Until the last 10 years or so, the service was targeted mainly at customers in remote parts of the world, such as Brazil, where the location and transport infrastructure make taking the transformer back to the factory both difficult and exceptionally expensive. But there has been a substantial shift in the drivers for this service. So now it is not really a question of geography as one of pure economics, dictated by the cost to the customer of having a transformer unavailable for service.

The on-site repair is carried out to exactly the same high standards that would be expected of a factory repair. We effectively convert the site into a temporary, fully-equipped, workshop, complete with clean room, with every phase conducted strictly to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 procedures. A key element in the repair process is ABB’s capability to carry out high voltage tests and to commission the transformer ready to return to service.
Overall, ABB’s on-site repair service offers an innovative approach that enables customers to get their transformer back on-line much faster and more cost-effectively, than any other repair or replacement route.

ABB carrying out diagnostics during on-site tranformer repair