Release of Hotfix 20130313 for Protection and control IED manager PCM600 version 2.5


Dear PCM600 user,

A hotfix 20130313 for Protection and control IED manager PCM600 version 2.5 has been released. The hotfix is solving following issues:

  • Corrected handling of IEDs at migration of projects made with earlier PCM600 version, containing "not in use" IEDs
  • Connections with inverted signals got shown with wrong status color in the online monitoring of Application Configuration
  • After insertion of MainApplication templates to Application Configuration, connections between e.g. function blocks and variables might get lost
  • Corrected autonaming of variables in MainApplication Templates on allocation of Hardware Channels
  • Issue with connectivity node in Graphical Display Editor after template import
  • Issue with project conversion of projects with changed EnumTypes
  • Validation of special characters IED User Management
  • Issue with IED template support for SCD import between PCM600 and IET600
  • SCD import handling of cases where subnetwork-name has been changed in the imported SCD file
  • Deletion of data sets in IEC 61850 Configuration tool is now possible
  • Limit of available MAC addresses in IEC 61850 Configuration tool got increased
  • Issue related to regional settings of windows if decimal separator is not comma, disturbance recording short report with missing distance to fault information
  • Issue where non-English characters in plant structure might cause problems with opening of disturbance recorder short reports
  • Issue with disabled option to clear IED event buffers for a few older IED Connectivity Package versions
The hotfix is available via the PCM600 Update Manager. It contains the following file:

- PCM600 2.5 Hotfix 20130313.exe

We recommend the installation of this Hotfix 20130313 when using PCM600 ver 2.5. For more information, please contact your local ABB representative.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,

Beat Schuetz
Global Product Manager
Substation Automation Products
Martin Nykvist
Product Manager
Distribution Automation