Release of Relion® 620 series v2.0 ANSI

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the release of the following 620 series version 2.0 ANSI protection and control products:

  • Feeder Protection and Control REF620
  • Motor Protection and Control REM620
  • Transformer Protection and Control RET620
The 620 series version 2.0 ANSI is a part of ABB’s Relion® product family. The 620 series consists of protection and control products designed for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of assets in utility and industrial power distribution systems.


Relion® 620 series version 2.0 ANSI offers the following main features:
  • Six setting groups
  • Arc flash detection (AFD)
  • Load profile
  • Fault records
  • IEC 61850 and GOOSE communications
  • Self-healing communication based on optional second Ethernet port
  • Modbus® and DNP3 Level2 protocol support
  • Graphical user-programmable logic
  • User customizable single line diagram (SLD) in the LHMI
  • Programmable push-buttons
  • Extended analog and binary input and outputs
  • High-speed (< 1 ms) outputs
  • Ring-lug terminals for all analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • Enhanced mechanical design for easy and secure insertion and withdrawal of the plug-in unit
  • UL listed products
  • Environmentally friendly design with RoHS compliance
  • Underground, overhead feeder cable fault detection (CFD)
  • High impedance (HIZ) fault detection
  • Phase step distance protection
  • Power quality
  • Support for single, one-and-a-half and double breaker configurations
  • Differential protection for two- and three winding transformers
  • Restricted earth-fault (REF) protection
  • Overexcitation (V/Hz) protection
  • RTD inputs
  • Differential protection for motors
  • Up to 14 RTD inputs
  • Up to 5 mA inputs

Application areas
  • REF620 provides main protection for overhead lines, cable feeders and busbar systems of distribution substations. REF620 can be applied for protection and control of grounded and ungrounded distribution systems. REF620 offers support for single breaker, one-and-a-half breaker and double breaker feeder configurations.
  • REM620 constitutes main protection for asynchronous motors and their drives in the manufacturing and process industries. Typically, the motor relay is used with circuit-breaker or contactor controlled HV motors, and contactor controlled medium sized and large low voltage (LV) motors in a variety of drives, such as pumps and conveyors, crushers and choppers, mixers and agitators, fans and aerators.
  • RET620 is the ultimate differential protection and control relay for two or three winding power transformers and power generator-transformer blocks. RET620 ANSI is applicable to the most commonly used power transformer combinations of delta and wye (grounded or ungrounded) windings.

Supported languages
The 620 series version 2.0 ANSI products support the following languages for the local HMI: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Product verification
The 620 series version 2.0 ANSI IED functionality related to substation automation systems has been successfully tested and verified in the Product Verification Center (PVC) at ABB, Distribution Automation.

Delivery time
A delivery time of 6 - 7 weeks applies to orders for quantities of 15 units or less. For larger quantities or for product versions including unique options, the delivery time should be checked with your sales representative.

Additional information and feedback
Each 620 series ANSI 2.0 product's brochure and guide intended to be used for promoting and quoting these products are available io their respective product pages: REF620 ANSI, REM620 ANSI and RET620 ANSI.

The user manuals can be downloaded from the product pages or alternatively can be ordered separately.

Any feedback is most welcome to help us maintain our high product quality.