New lease of life for Arlanda Express

2014-09-17 - When the trains that connect Stockholm and Arlanda airport needed to revitalize their traction transformers, ABB was brought on board.

Speeding northwards out of the city of Stockholm, the Arlanda Express’ distinctive yellow-nosed four-car trains convey around three million passengers annually to Sweden’s largest airport. Running four to six times per hour in both directions at speeds of up to 200 km/h, the fleet of seven trains complete the 39-km, non-stop journey in 20 minutes, with Sweden’s best punctuality record.

The line was inaugurated just before the turn of the millennium and after over a decade of reliable service, the operator, A-Train, had to refurbish old traction transformers. It turned to ABB – the company and its predecessors have manufactured such components for over 125 years. ABB applied this wealth of experience to the new traction transformer, which is the same weight and volume as the original and fits the fleet’s 13-year-old inverters and motors perfectly. The big gain is that they provide 20 percent greater capacity and optimized performance with the existing components.

Offering more than just the basics

Alongside the traction transformer solution, ABB provided A-train with a long-term service plan and supported other activities like on-site commissioning, oil analysis, advanced diagnostics and customer maintenance training. This service offering optimizes and extends the life cycle of the equipment and secures the operational efficiency.

ABB can offer many products and technologies to the railway industry. Electric railways are major consumers of electricity, and this consumption can fluctuate significantly and in short time periods. ABB’s grid management technologies ensure power is delivered reliably while maintaining the stability of the supplying grids. To transfer power from grids to railways and to support the operation of both, ABB provides substations and components (including transformers, frequency converters, switchgear and FACTS devices). For the trains themselves, ABB’s offering includes traction transformers, switchgear, motors, converters and turbochargers.

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