AquaMaster3 Wins the Control Engineering China 2012 Product of the Year

The ABB AquaMaster 3 electromagnetic flowmeter was awarded the 2012 Product of the Year by CONTROL ENGINEERING China. It was stated that the AquaMaster 3 was chosen to receive the award due to its advanced technology and superior performance
AquaMaster 3 has multiple technical highlights: wide-range, high-precision, wide turndown ratio; excellent small flow measurement capabilities can meet the measurement needs at night; free installation position and good compatibility, as well as fully sealed transmitter; both the sensor and the transmitter meet IP68 and support directly buried installation, and an instrument well should not be necessary. The installation space of the split transmitter is very small, but the transmission distance can be up to 200m; optional built-in multi-channel multi-parameter data logger. The transmitter can directly send data through SMS text messages, and integrated wireless transmission can be realized; various power supply types are available in the form of battery, power supply, and renewable energy supply, etc. Applications in several well-known water supply enterprises, such as Pudong Veolia and Zhejiang Shangyu Water Group, etc., indicate that ABB AquaMaster 3 electromagnetic flowmeter can effectively reduce non-revenue water and help achieve district metering area management.

Precisely because the actual needs of customers are fully considered in terms of performance and technology, costs and loss of customers are reduced, some of the challenges in water enterprise pipe network management are solved, and more values are brought to the customers. It is because of these differientators from its competitor that the AquaMaster 3 was named the 2012 Product of the Year.

The annual appraisal and election of the Product of the Year was the readers' appraisal and election activity established by CONTROL ENGINEERING China (the Chinese version of CONTROL) magazine aiming for the Chinese automation, industrial control and instrumentation markets. Its biggest feature is the adherence to the appraisal and election rules of the ENGINEERS'CHOICE AWARDS (Engineers' Choice Award) of the U.S. CE magazine, which is generated by real-name votes from end-users or system integrators who have the best judging rights. The appraisal and selection has a wide range of mass participation, and is known as the "Hundred Flowers Awards" in the engineering field. The appraisal and selection process is standardized, fair, and transparent. The participating products have covered all the annual latest production from well-known suppliers at home and abroad in the automation field. Votes from users can choose technical representative, iconic, and landmark products, providing authoritative and comprehensive reference standards for technology upgrades and product purchases of wide automation users.

As for the ABB measurement products, the AquaMaster 3 electromagnetic flowmeter has won the award again after the ProcessMaster electromagnetic flowmeter received the award in 2010 and the 266 pressure transmitter won the award in 2011. It has proven once again the recognition and appreciation from the market and the users for ABB measurement products.