Change in ABB spare part business for IEC LV motors, part 3

2017-05-08 - Changes of some item codes. Important for Customers using SAP PO interface.

Dear Sir or Madam;

Due to the change of responsibility of LV motor spare part sales, response times might be a bit longer this week.

Please note that the data transfer is in process now and some Swedish product details might be missing or shown incorrectly in BOL.
At the same time, we're carrying out the physical transfer of the stocked items. Availability data will be updated in BOL when the goods are received at our warehouse and thus this information might be missing from BOL.

We're monitoring the situation and updating data all the time and ordering capability should be back to normal Thursday 11.5.2015. Deliveries from GTSC Finland’s warehouse will begin on Monday 15.5.
Therefore, we ask for your patience; if some data is missing, please consider waiting and re-checking it in a couple of days instead of sending a request or a note to us.

Please notice that GTSC Finland will replace around 750/1300 modified item codes used by GTSC Sweden with original item codes used by motor production units (for exmaple 3GZE203070R1 -> 3GZE203070-1 or 3GZV314008B1 -> 3GZV314008-B). Please find the codes attached. 750 of items have been sold once or more during last couple of years and rest are some older ones.

Modified codes which are going to be replaced by production codes.xlsxModified codes which are going to be replaced by production codes.xlsx

If PO SAP Interface is used it is good that you will make the change also to your local SAPs to avoid errors in order messages between SAP and OMS. Change in local SAP is good to make as when orders is made from SAP and sent to OMS/BOL, system will automatically change the item code to existing one and then order confirmation message will end up in error and order confirmation is not coming into local SAP.

Sorry for all unconvience this may cause.