ABB promotes increased asset performance at ADIPEC

2012-11-27 - ABB highlighted its flagship technology for the oil and gas industry – demonstrating how customers can reduce maintenance costs and enhance reliability, at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC). ABB products are in use across the entire oil and gas value chain, serving exploration, production, marine supply, transport and support functions.
Equipment on display included the Static Var Compensator (SVC), active filters, platform electrification, AC538-800 low harmonic drives, ACS200 variable speed drives, and the 3D KPI collaboration board - an efficient tool for decision making which provides board members and plant managers with graphical presentation, trends and needs.

ABB reduces operational expenditure

Customers met with ABB experts at ADIPEC, to learn how the latest technology can increase their asset performance by 6% and save costs. In addition to the exhibition, ABB presented its various technology and solutions at the conference.
Extending asset life and reducing operational expenditure is key to any industry – assets not performing at their peak consume more energy and require more expenditure. ABB demonstrated its commitment to the oil and gas industry by displaying a range of technology designed to solve such challenges.
“For example, the effects of harmonic distortion are a concern in oil and gas plants and ABB’s low harmonic drive and harmonic filters can maintain the performance of electrical equipment and comply with grid standards imposed by utilities,” said Bjarne Andre Asheim, regional manager, Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Middle East.

Stabilize power and improve power quality

Poor power quality costs money and can lead to frequent failure of equipment, reduced equipment lifetime, production losses and reduced efficiency. ABB’s experts talked visitors through the benefit of active filters which can manage large power variations within milliseconds, offering immediate fault correction. This reduces power losses, lowers the environmental impact of the power system, increases capacity, reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

ABB enables operators to comprehend process traffic patterns by improving the user interface and office ergonomics to empower operators to take better decisions faster. With ABB’s Extended Operator Workplace (EOW), data can be converted into information with high performance human machine interfaces. Operators can manage many views dynamically and efficiently simulate an integrated environment – reducing human error.

For offshore operations, saving energy and reducing emissions is now a reality. ABB displayed its platform electrification solution which prevents polluting, expensive local generation and replaces with power from the main grid. Benefits include reliable power supply, reduced emissions, increased availability, safer operations, low operation and maintenance costs. The revolutionary high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) power from the grid connections avoids the use of oil and gas in off shore generations. ABB’s continuous analytical measurement systems compliment the process by helping customers to monitor and cut emissions drastically.

The ABB stand at ADIPEC 2012