Even more functions for the room module Busch-priOn®

2010-04-13 - Compact display end plate and perfectly integrated motion detector are enhanced applications of the Busch-Jaeger system with intuitive controls.
The decentralised room control module from Busch-priOn® provides intuitive and comfortable control of components in the KNX-based building system technology, such as lighting, heating/air conditioning and blinds. The modular design of Busch-priOn® provides the opportunity for individual customisation to the user's requirements. The range of functions for the Busch-priOn® has been expanded with further features for light+building 2010.

All threefold control covers can now be equipped with a single-line end plate display. The single-line display serves both as an information display as well as a room thermostat. An infrared and proximity switch ensures comfortable control. New: A flat motion detector, which is perfectly integrated into the elegant Busch-priOn® design. The range of new features is complemented with different flush-mounted actuators, which are also modularly integrated into the system. For example, there is a flush-mounted switch, dimming and blind actuator.

The Busch-priOn® is operated using buttons and rotary knobs. Its key element is a TFT graphics display in combination with a rotary knob. The fine response of the colour-backlit knob together with the clear display allows intuitive user control. The rotary knob can be assigned several further KNX functions in addition to light control. For example, an additional device (media box) can also be used to control radio and video components. The rotary knob can also function as a stand-alone rotary dimmer or blind controller.

The switch rockers on the Busch-priOn® are multi-function controls, each fitted with a multi-coloured LED. The control covers, including the TFT display, have switchable day and night illumination, with different levels of brightness.

All control covers are part of an intuitive operating concept which the user will find comfortable to use in any situation. It is based on an innovative colour concept where a colour is assigned to a function – e.g. lights, blinds, heating or even the light scene. All functions in the area of lighting are assigned the colour yellow (representing the sun and brightness), heating is orange (for warmth and well-being), and blind control is blue (for coolness and the colour of the sky). Violet or magenta, the colours for extravagance, the theatre and stage, indicate the light scene. It is a labelling code that is understood internationally and does not rely on language. The Busch-priOn® was awarded the "Red Dot: Best of the Best 2008" in the Graphical User Interface category.

The optional infrared receiver and proximity sensor on the top end plate or in the new single-line display element of the Busch-priOn® ensures maximum convenience and economy: If a user approaches, it activates the background illumination of the room control module automatically. The new compact, single-line display bar can have up to 17 different KNX functions, as well as time and date display if desired. It is also possible to use it as a room thermostat. The bottom end plate combines design with intelligent usage: It can be combined with a temperature sensor.

With its elegant, flat design, the new motion detector integrates perfectly into the Busch-priOn® system. It has a horizontal detection angle of 180 degrees and can, for example, assume full or partial automatic control of room lighting.

The elegant, flat design of the complete Busch-priOn® system adapts to every home style. Designs are available in gloss white, glass white and glass black, plus stainless steel with a special anti-fingerprint coating.

The range of new features for the Busch-priOn® system is complemented with several KNX flush-mounted actuators for switches, dimmers and blind control.

More information is available from the central sales services of Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH: Tel. 0180 5 669900*, Fax 0180 5 669909* or www.BUSCH-JAEGER.de.
(*0,14 €/Minute from Germand landline)

Product advantages:

• Intuitive room control for KNX building system technology
• Innovative colour concept for displaying function areas
• Modular system makes individual solutions possible
• New: End plate display and motion detector
• Elegant design in glass white, glass black, stainless steel or gloss white
• Display module with clear TFT colour graphics display
• Switchable day/night illumination
• Proximity sensor for automatic activation of display lighting
• Control of audio and video components possible with separate media box
• Rotary knob usable as stand-alone rotary dimmer or blind controller


All threefold control covers of the room control module with intuitive controls, Busch-priOn® from Busch-Jaeger, can now be equipped with a single-line end plate display. The single-line display serves both as an information display as well as a room thermostat. An integrated infrared and proximity sensor ensures maximum operating comfort.

The new motion detector for Busch-priOn® has a particularly flat design and integrates perfectly into the elegant design.

Photos: Busch-Jaeger

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