ABB underlines credentials in water management as lead sponsor of Global Water Leakage Summit

2016-09-19 - ABB sponsors global event for eight year running to lead exchange of ideas and techniques for managing water more responsibly
ABB will be the lead sponsor for the eighth year running at this year’s Global Water Leakage Summit, being held at the Amba Hotel, Marble Arch, London, 27th-28th March.

As a leading supplier of technology for water and wastewater treatment and distribution applications, ABB has been involved with the event since its inception. Started in 2008, the Global Water Leakage Summit has established a reputation as a forum for leakage practitioners from around the world to demonstrate and exchange best practice around tackling leakage in water distribution networks.

“The combination of growing population, urbanization, the nexus between food, water and energy and indirect consumption of water due to increase in consumerism, are putting the world’s finite water resource under unprecedented strain,” says Joydip Sanyal, Global Product Manager for electromagnetic flowmeters at ABB Limited. “With no new water available to meet this growing demand, the challenge is for both utility and industrial organizations worldwide to find ways to manage and conserve existing supplies.”

“By bringing water companies, suppliers and experts together, the Summit offers a great mechanism for finding new ways to maintain abundant supplies of high quality, treated water profitably, efficiently and with minimum wastage.”

The event will cover a broad range of topics surrounding the management and minimization of water leakage, including ensuring resilience of supply; maximizing the use of network data to better understand water loss and customer usage, and how to further drive down leakage to help improve service quality and maximize revenue.

In addition to sponsoring the event, ABB will also be demonstrating its latest technologies for accurately pinpointing and measuring water leakage. Products on show will include the AquaMaster 3 flowmeter with WITS and the WaterMaster.

The AquaMaster 3 with WITS DNP3 based open protocol offers access to a raft of operational and maintenance data. Based on tried and tested network technology originally designed for process automation in electrical utility applications, WITS DNP3 enables communication between different types of data acquisition and control equipment. Using the AquaMaster 3 with WITS, users can now download a high speed, high resolution log to investigate any water network anomalies in conjunction with detection methods such as step testing, burst / pressure transients or nightline monitoring.

This same level of intelligence also extends to the AquaMaster 3 itself. DNP3 enables remote access to a wide range of data including diagnostics and configuration changes. Any problems such as power management issues, sensor coil damage or damage to the sensor cable caused by third parties can be quickly identified, together with the time those issues occurred and the exact location of the affected device.

In this way, the need for engineers to physically visit devices is eliminated. Instead, users will be able to use the diagnostic data to ensure that engineers are only deployed when and where necessary.

The WaterMaster is ABB’s MCERTified, world class flowmeter for water and wastewater applications. With a wide flow range and unsurpassed accuracy, WaterMaster improves control and quality for applications in water treatment works and now features Profibus communications. A key feature is its revolutionary octagonal internal bore design that reduces sensitivity to flow profile disturbances. This results in outstanding performance in less than ideal installation conditions, allowing the flowmeters to meet the most stringent internal accuracy standards. Its buriable sensor eliminates the need for expensive meter chambers thereby providing a long, productive and maintenance-free asset life.

Coupled with the AquaMaster 3’s unrivalled accuracy across an extremely wide range, plus a range of power options including wind and solar, the flowmeter provides a powerful tool in the fight against water leakage.

As lead sponsor, ABB will also be running a presentation detailing a real-life example of how its technology has been deployed to help reduce leakage and improve network performance for Portugese operator, EPAL. Daniel Morais, Water Loss Control Engineer for EPAL, will explain how the company has successfully implemented a project to reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in the city of Lisbon’s 1,450km water distribution network, which serves over 350,000 customers. He will explain how the Improvements brought by the project have enabled EPAL to not only significantly reduce NRW, but to increase its understanding of network conditions and improve its overall quality of service.

Another highlight will be the Gala Dinner event at the end of the first day of the event. Open to all delegates, the dinner will feature a charity auction on behalf of WaterAid, which works to provide the world's poorest people with safe domestic water and sanitation and education on hygiene.

As a key event on the water industry calendar, the Global Water Leakage Summit has established itself as a highly successful platform for raising awareness of water leakage issues. For more information, including how to register, visit the Global Water Leakage Summit web site..

The AquaMaster 3 with WITS DNP3 based open protocol offers access to a wealth of operational and maintenance data, opening up new opportunities for the way in which networks are managed and maintained