g2 Energy on fast track

One of Britain’s fastest growing inde­pendent connection providers (ICPs) is deploying ABB transformers as part of its complete ‘balance of plant’ infrastructure and grid connection package for renewable energy schemes across Britain.
The Lloyds registered, NERS (National Electricity Registration Scheme) accredited ICP is capable of providing contestable works at voltages up to and including 132 kV for embedded generation schemes, including solar and wind farms, and anaerobic digestor schemes.

ABB's distribution transformers are at the core of g2 Energy's containerised substations
Its success has seen it take a top 10 place in the 2013 Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 list of Britain’s fastest growing privately owned companies. To date, g2 Energy has connected more than 371 MW of renewable energy to the grid, with a further 439 MW due to be connected in 2014.
Distribution transformers are a key element of g2 Energy’s package. They have the role of stepping up the output from generation plant, typically 690 or 433 V to feed into the local distribution grid at 11 or 33 kV.
After reviewing a number of competitive offers, g2 Energy selected ABB’s transformers for their combination of quality, performance and cost-effective price within a tight delivery schedule capable of meeting its fast-track growth programme.
ABB has already received orders for 18 transformers for projects, both already completed and under construction. Transformers are manufactured at ABB’s distribution transformer factory in Turkey and feature an oil immersed design with natural cooling. They are supplied direct to g2 Energy’s centralised warehouse facility in Milton Keynes, where the company builds containerised substations for renewable energy grid connection projects.
g2 Energy connects renewable energy sites to the grid