Cutting edge ABB technology in TITAN Group

2018-02-22 - Upgrading in Sharrcem SH.P.K. Factory with ABB products
Sharrcem SH.P.K. Factory, TITAN Group, Kosovo

New ABB medium-voltage switchgear brings a technological advantage to TITAN Group.
TITAN Group is an independent, vertically integrated cement and building materials producer with 110 years of industry experience. Headquartered in Greece, TITAN Group owns cement plants in ten countries. TITAN Group aims to grow as a multi-regional, vertically integrated cement producer, combining an entrepreneurial spirit and operational excellence with a respect for human life, society and the environment.

Main goal is uninterrupted production while maximizing personnel and equipment safety.
To maintain the safe operation of the substation at TITAN’s Sharrcem factory in Kosovo, the existing 6.6 kV, 40 kA medium-voltage switchgear had to be replaced with minimum disruption to production.

Keeping technology at its peak
TITAN Group aim to keep their plants at the forefront of technology, but with this ambition comes concerns about how to upgrade installed equipment without interrupting production. The Production and Maintenance managers along with TITAN Group’s central technical services evaluated all these concerns in order to find a solution that would lead to increased production performance, along with minimum interruption of production processes, while ensuring that TITAN Group maintained investments in high quality equipment and services.

Innovative and efficient solution

Medium Voltage Switchgear UniGear ZS1 6.6 kV, 40 kA. Metal Clad Withdrawable Arc Proof

TITAN Group accepted ABB’s proposal to install a new metal clad, withdrawable, arc proof 6.6 kV, 40 kA medium-voltage air-insulated switchgear UniGear ZS1. The switchgear consists of 45 panels, out of which there are two incoming feeders from 110kV / 6.6kV substation and one busbar coupler. Protection, control and operation is achieved in a user friendly environment using Intelligent Electronic Devices of ABB’s Relion® series connected through Ethernet to the factory control system (DCS), enabling the collection of measurement data (e.g. energy, power etc.) and remote control of its operation. Part of ABB’s scope was also the interconnection of the incomer feeders with the Power Transformers of the 110kV / 6.6kV substation via certified insulated bars. The installation was designed to maximize the safety of operators and equipment, using an arc detection system in the compartment of each panel (cable area, circuit breaker area, busbar area).

Professional work execution for a successful result
ABB was fully committed to the perfect execution of the project and worked methodically to deliver on schedule to the customer’s timetable paying close attention to safety and internal factory regulations. Titan’s staff supported this effort by providing a safe working environment and all necessary infrastructure. The old medium-voltage distribution board was completely dismantled in parallel with the installation of the new equipment, while all feeders were thoroughly tested in no-load and load conditions, before handover (cold and hot commissioning).

“Reliability of equipment is an important factor in deciding what kind of upgrade we will choose,” said Mr. Thanasis Balfousias, TITAN Sharrcem factory’s Technical manager. “A careful study was made for this project to ensure that the replacement switchgear could be installed in a very short time and in a safe environment. Our expectations from this service is to ensure long-term future operation using high standard equipment. The result of the whole project was crowned an absolute success.”

Mr. Christos Amaxopoulos from TITAN Group’s New Projects Management Division, added: “Our carefully considered refurbishment has resulted in the installation of high-quality equipment and services in line with our commitment to keep our factories at the forefront of technology.”

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