ABB Microgrids presents at Remote Area Power Supply Conference in Sydney, Australia

2017-05-05 - At the recent Remote Area Power Supply Conference in Sydney, Australia, Juergen Zimmermann, ABB Australia’s Technology and Business Development Manager for Microgrids, was invited to speak about ABB’s 25 years of experience in Microgrid design and implementation.

Juergen kicked off his presentation by outlining how the energy reliability and cost challenges faced by both small remote communities and large industrial mine sites could be overcome with a Microgrid solution. With renewable energy introduced into the generation mix, fossil fuel costs can be drastically reduced, along with the logistical challenges associated with transporting diesel fuel to remote and off-grid locations.

One of the key areas the audience was keen to learn about was how Microgrid project risks could be better managed by using either a productised or plug and play integration technology approach versus a design process-driven engineered solution approach.

Another important aspect addressed by Juergen is that the seamless and proven integration of multiple and different distributed generators into a distribution system is no longer a technology limitation. ABB’s integration solution across solar, wind, wave, main grid or diesel generation supply, as well as battery storage, is well-proven, and enabling more than 30 off-grid or grid connected Microgrids in operation today.

A popular conference topic was the need to shift from a technical integration focus to commercial integration contracts, so stakeholders can work together to hybridise an existing system. This commercial contract focus change requires the early engagement of all parties which is how ABB, through its consultative project lifecycle approach, has successfully addressed this concern across different sites.

Juergen concluded by highlighting the on-going customer support ABB has available via its cloud based remote services and digitally enabled technology, to help remote communities and industries during both planned and unplanned power outages.

The Remote Area Power Supply conference is one of the largest of its kind in Asia Pacific and offers an opportunity to share information on the diverse range of remote power solutions implanted in the Asia Pacific Region and specifically in Australia. Multiple speakers from mining, utility and remote islands discussed the challenges on the design and implementation of remote Microgrids as every site varies in sizes, hybrid energy sources, locations and technologies.

Learn more about our Microgrid offering and visit the conference website.