ABB Transformer Days highlights Asian markets

2012-12-03 - Business unit Transformers held its key customer event, ‘Transformer Days,’ in Zhongshan, China, November 27-29.

The two-and-a-half day event attracted 160 participants from 13 countries. It was organized around the theme “In Asia for Asia” – putting its regional capability in the realm of efficient transformer technologies and solutions high on the agenda.

“We are delighted to have an opportunity to share ABB`s innovative product, component and service solutions with our Asian customers,” said Markus Heimbach, head of Transformers business. In China, ABB has transformer production units in Chongqing, Hefei, Shanghai, Datong and Zhongshan. “ABB is committed to long-term development of our Asian strategy, developing local R&D, production, and purchasing.”

For proof of ABB`s commitment to the region, look no further than ABB Chongqing Transformer Company, ranked among China’s Top 100 Electric Companies for 7 consecutive years. Chongqing is the group’s global transformer production base and design center, as well as the largest production center for insulation kits in Asia.

Transformer Days provides a comprehensive overview of ABB`s transformer business, including two dozen technical seminars focusing on ABB transformer product and service solutions, presentations featuring transformer trends and a customer perspective, plus a tour of ABB`s power and industrial transformer factory in Zhongshan.

The seminars were delivered in English and Chinese, on topics ranging from new technology trends and recent advances in green and smart transformers, to innovations in dry transformer technology, energy efficient transformers, industrial and traction transformer technologies, short circuit capability in transformers, and the importance of safe, reliable transformer components.

Client feedback has been positive, and many visitors were introduced to ABB`s large portfolio of transformer products and services that ensure high-quality solutions from “cradle to grave.”

The event concluded with the session "Customers voice" and also a factory tour through ABB's power and industrial transformer factory in Zhongshan, showcasing the latest developments for utilities, industry and power plants. Zhongshan manufactures power transformers up to 275 kilovolts (kV), as well as rectifier, furnace, variable speed drive and railway feeder transformers.

“Transformer Days 2012 was a very successful event and a golden opportunity to position our transformer portfolio for our Asian customers, showing them how ABB is dedicated to manufacturing sustainable, efficient transformer products in their region, to service not only Asia, but to a global market. We are pleased to have had a chance to host this event in China, a major market for ABB,” said Edoardo Siano, Global Marketing and Sales Manager, Transformers.