The best in safety

2017-07-26 - Relay factory and primary service center in Finland took first place in a local health, safety and environment (HSE) competition
People and robots working together, but separately in a safe environment

ABB, Medium Voltage Products Vaasa factories won a HSE competition organized by Technology Industries of Finland. The competition is named “Haastamme!” which means in English “We challenge”. It is based on an external assessments done by government occupational health and safety inspectors.

The final results are based on the inspection visits, observations and interviews done during the visit, and the number of sick leave days in relation to working hours, but also the processes and HSE organizational structure is evaluated.

Vaasa factory won the series for Electronics and Electricity Industry, which had 14 participants. Altogether in the competition there were seven categories and about 100 participating companies. The victory wasn’t the first one. Vaasa factory has won the competition before in 2014.

“We’ll continue our long-term HSE work, which has proven to be successful, working together with all our blue and white collar employees. Everyone can have an impact here and all actions, even the smallest, count. Together we make our workplace a safe and healthy place,” said HSE Manager Marjo Keturi.

Electrical Safety Champion Mika Parvinen, HSE Manager Marjo Keturi and Safety Advisor Tero Sulkakoski received the diploma