CEO Joe Hogan’s interview with CCTV

ABB CEO Joe Hogan recently was interviewed by China’s Central Television Station (CCTV) at the Group's headquarters in Zurich. In the interview, he spoke highly of the smooth transition of China's leadership, saying that it is increditably important for China and the world. He praised China's 12th Five-Year Plan, which emphasizes on the wealth and development of people, energy-saving and the development of renewable energy. All these are well in line with what ABB can do to facilitate Chinese society. Hogan said ABB is very proud of its contribution to the country's development and will continue its effort in this regard. The program also gives a detailed description of ABB's development and investment in China.

The interview has been broadcast on November 21st in CCTV News Channel, Morning News, the most important morning news program in the country, and re-broadcast in many other CCTV channels throughout the day.

Joe Hogan's interview with CCTV script en/cn 201211