Migration from RTU211 to RTU511

2013-04-10 - Easy upgrade to extend the lifetime of RTU211 installations is now possible with ABB‘s migration kit. The migration kit provides a plus of functionality with only a few clicks and a minimum of downtime.
511CIM01 base module
To protect your investments over a long time, existing RTU211 installations can be upgraded to the compact RTU511 with minimal effort and time.

The available migration kit makes it very easy to exchange the hardware in just a few steps. Besides the hardware upgrade, the import of existing RTU211 configurations is supported within the easy-to-use engineering tool RTUtil500.

Thus the hardware and software migration are easy to handle and do not require any special support.

Additional functionality
In only a few migration steps the installed RTU can profit from additional functions comparable to high-end RTUs:
  • One engineering tool for all product lines
  • Powerful PLC functions
  • Up-to-date cyber security features
  • Support of all standard protocols
  • Support of Ethernet protocols (IEC -104, DNP3.0, WAN, Modbus)
  • (1 out of n) check
  • Archives
  • Diagnosis

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Reference case
As one of the first, the municipality of the city Kaiserslautern in Germany, Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern, took the chance to benefit from an upgrade of their installed RTU211 base. The successful pilot project comprised the migration of one of the installed RTU211 to the new RTU511.

In only 30 minutes the actual replacement on site was done. ABB provided the new communication unit (CMU) for RTU511 which replaced the old CMU to upgrade the hard­ware to the RTU511 and supervised the procedure which was carried out by the customer.

The existing configuration data of the RTU211 were prepared for the migration in advance with RTUtil500. Existing wirings were re-used so that the replaced parts were limited to the new CMU module and the housing of the migration kit. So for the customer it took only a few steps for the hardware replacement, whereas the gain in functionality and flexibility was outstanding.

The customer was very satisfied with the new RTU511. It does not only represent a lifetime extension of the installed system, but also provides a higher functionality and flexibility. Furthermore, the plus of functions will give the customer the opportunity to get more out of the established system.