Future of Electric vehicles in the Middle East

Urs Waelchli, head of ABB’s EV charger business was in Dubai recently. Read what he has to say about electric vehicle market in the Middle East.

How is ABB's EV chargers different from others on the market?
ABB is committed to provide charging solutions that match the needs of Charge Point Operators (companies who operate the charging post and offer charging to EV drivers) as well as fulfill the technical standards of as many EV cars as possible. The ability to combine these two items into a solution has made it possible to deploy ABB chargers in over 50 countries.

How many EV charging stations does ABB supply now and what's the target over the next year to 2020?
Overall, ABB has delivered and installed now over 5000 DC Fast Chargers in the world. This number will grow substantially over the next years. Launch of new EV cars will be the main driver behind this development.

What is the potential for the Mena region and do you already have stations here?
ABB is working on several key projects in the region and the first chargers are already deployed in Jordan. The potential for EV Cars as well as E-Buses is growing, as many cities and governments have sustainable transportation as a key topic in their agenda. ABB is firmly committed to supporting these regional developments.

Where can the EV chargers go in the future? Do you see any other businesses that can emerge from this?
The second life battery is already a reality as several car OEMs are developing programs to re-use car batteries as future energy storage building blocks for houses and similar applications.

There is a clear understanding of the value of these high-performance battery packs. Once you add renewable energy generation, the value chain of EV Cars and Energy Storage become really interesting.

As sun and wind power are generated periodically, an addition of energy storage and EV Car can help store this energy and release the stored energy, when required.

ABB is helping to develop this EV-Car/Renewable Energy/Energy Storage solution and also recently inaugurated a large building in Switzerland that is not using any grid power and only making full use of these three elements described.