GTSC Sweden (PUSEMOT001) post go live issues

2013-11-08 - Information regarding go live issues for PUSEMOT001
Dear colleagues

As many of you may have experienced we are struggling with some go live issues since our background system change a couple of weeks ago. We have solved many of the issues but we will need some more time before everything is back on track and functioning as normal.

This may affect you by:
- Order response and information back to BOL is updated with a long delay.
- We have a large backlog leading to longer than normal order handling times.
- Delivery times are at the moment longer than normal, appr. 3 days for stocked material.
- Stock availability may not be shown or be doubled. The correct data is for warehouse "SEMAC001EXPU".

We are doing our best to get this sorted as soon as possible
Thank you for your understanding
GTSC Sweden