Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Power-Delivery Grid

2017-10-11 - Edison would be amazed at how the transmission and distribution grid has developed since his day. T&D World article by Gene Wolf - October 9, 2017
If Thomas Edison were alive today, he would be at home in today’s electric utility infrastructure. That saying is annoying. It’s a put-down to all the people working to make the grid better and more dependable. Heck, it’s like scratching fingernails down a chalkboard! I ran into a derivative of that saying the other day when I read an opinion from a pseudo-expert writing about the problems of the electric industry. This individual was upset with what he perceived as a lack of our industry keeping up with the latest technological innovations. That’s not only ridiculous, but it’s wrong. It really makes me wonder how someone can be so far off target in their thinking and consider themselves to be an expert.

As T&D World’s technical writer, I’m able to talk with the folks developing, deploying and operating the latest technologies being used by utilities around the world. I get to kick the tires and look under the hood on some of the most amazing digital toys ever deployed on the grid.

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