ABB standard drives set dramatic benchmark in energy savings and reduction of carbon footprint

2013-04-29 - The three millionth ACS550 drive rolled off the production line on March 25th, marking it the first for an ABB drive series to reach the three million unit production mark.
NEW BERLIN, WI, April 29, 2013 . . . Since its introduction, the ABB standard drive, ACS550, has continued to grow in popularity with customers across industries because of its proven performance, flexibility and its wide range of built-in features. Now, the three millionth unit in this standard drive series has been delivered.

“Reaching this milestone really highlights how versatile this drive is for our customers. They appreciate its reliability and flexibility. Especially now, when increasing energy savings is a huge priority, our customers have found that this drive is a great solution.” says Pekka Tiitinen, Group Vice President and head of the low voltage drives business unit.

To put this accomplishment into perspective, consider the three million drives could represent a savings of over $2.12 billion dollars, if used on pumps and fans, and assuming a cost of electrical power of $.11/kWh; plus, these drives create a reduction of carbon footprint of over 101 million tons of CO2.

The drive series has a variant for HVAC applications, the ACH550 -- with integral Building Automation connectivity. Demand for the ACH550-associated E-Clipse Bypass has contributed significantly to the milestone. Additionally, a variant for Water and Waste Water applications, the ACQ550, will be introduced later this year and will add further to the growth of the ACS550 product family.

Another factor in reaching this milestone is the easy availability of the drives. With five factories around the world manufacturing the products, customers can get quick delivery locale, regardless of where they are located.

Regarding the future, Pekka Tiitinen said, “It took us five years to reach the one million mark, and then three years to hit two million, and just two more years to reach the three million mark. We’ll keep listening to our customers, innovating, and providing the reliable products they need to make sure that we keep these exciting milestones coming.”

ABB has made more than three million ACX550 drive units from five factories around the world