Organizational announcements for Power Up Transformation within Hub BU Latin America, Business Unit Grid Automation

2017-11-28 - Issued on behalf of Massimo Danieli and Raphael Pedrucci:
As announced earlier, the Power Up Transformation program shall enable us to create greater value for all our stakeholders and help ABB’s profitable growth by better managing the demand creation as well as improving our execution capability.

In line with this ambition we are pleased to announce the realignment of the Hub BU (HBU) Latin America (LAM) that will strengthen the close integration and collaboration with the Power Grids division Front End (WCFE), improve the market coverage and create synergies across the product groups.

In line with this approach, we have introduced the following changes in the HBU LAM organization:

  • The Enterprise Software organization in LAM will be integrated into the Hub. As a result, the HBU organization will be responsible for the entire BU portfolio, in order to unlock growth and take full advantage of synergies.

  • Operating Unit – will be responsible for sales of the full portfolio within their territory, closely integrating with WCFE. The Operating Unit will also have responsibility for operations and service, as well as full P&L responsibility for the entire BU portfolio across a specific geographical market for a country or clusters of countries within the HBU. The P&L will be managed at the Operating Unit level rather than Local Product Group (LPG) level.
    • The following Operating Units will be created:
      • The new Andean countries Operating unit will cover the markets of Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, in addition to the Central American Countries (CAC).
      • The Operating Unit Argentina will cover the markets of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.
      • The Operating Unit Brazil will cover the market of Brazil.
      • Global Operating Units (Global Assets): following assets will be hosted within the HUB LAM and the P&L will be accounted for within the Hub LAM, but will remain under responsibility defined by the organization of their relevant Global Product Groups.
        • Grid Automation Products factory, located in Brazil
        • Enterprise Software Professional Service Organization (PSO), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Managed Services units located in Chile.
          Based on above realignment, we are pleased to announce the following appointments within HBU LAM:
          • HBU Controller: Cassio Yama
          • HBU Supply Chain Manager: Livia Koyama
          • HBU HR Business Partner: Mabel Moreno
          • Hub Marketing & Sales: TBA
          • Hub Operation & OpEx: a.i Jonas Wernli
          • Hub Service: Ronald Valdes
        • Operating Unit Argentina: Fernando Castella reporting to Jonas Wernli is appointed as Operating Unit Manager for Argentina

        • Operating Unit Brazil: Marcos Soares reporting to Jonas Wernli is appointed as Operating Unit Manager for Brazil

        • Operating Unit Andean Cluster (Chile, Colombia, Peru, CAC countries): Mauricio Toache is appointed as Operating Unit manager effective immediately, reporting to Raphael Pedrucci and from January 1 to Jonas Wernli. Mauricio is joining ABB from SEL, where he has covered various management roles and successfully led the growth of the Mexican subsidiary as its General Manager.

        • Global Operating Unit for Grid Automation Products: Adriano Mendes

        • Global Operating Unit for Enterprise Software: TBA, consisting of Professional Service Organization (PSO), Cloud and Pre-Sales, which will be located in Chile and hosted in the Hub LAM.

          All above roles report to HBU Manager, Jonas Wernli from January 1, 2018.

          This realignment does not modify the existing supply side units market allocations that will be subject to continuous reassessment by Global Product Groups, based on market needs and maturity of units.

          We thank everyone that has been supporting the business in Latin America in their current roles. Unless anything else is mentioned above, the roles will be effective from January 1, 2018.

          We count on your full support and contribution to ensure swift implementation of the new HBU structure that will help drive the overall growth of our BU and the success of ABB.

          Please join us in wishing the above colleagues every success in their new roles.

          Massimo Danieli
          Managing Director
          Business Unit, Grid Automation

          Power Grids division

          Raphael Pedrucci
          HBU Manager Latin America
          Business Unit, Grid Automation
          Power Grids division

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