New DIN rail RTU 560CID11

2013-04-10 - RTU500 series has been extended with a new DIN rail RTU. The new 560CID11 will complement the RTU540 product line with integrated I/Os combined with 4 seriesl interfaces adn 2 Ethernet ports.
The compact 560CID11 includes a communication unit (CMU), a multi-I/O module and a power supply (24 V DC) in a metal DIN rail housing.

The various interfaces allow for flexible and reliable communication possibilities.

The product is available in 2 rubrics R0001 (24…60 V DC) and R0002 (110…125 V DC) with different process voltages.

560CID11 offers high functionality thanks to the full support of the RTU500 series functions and software.

For further information about the new 560CID11 and the features of RTU540 product line please have a look at the product information letterand the RTU540 product line flyer .