ABB’s latest development in fiber-optic mold temperature measurement improves process insight and control for continuous casting

Zurich, Switzerland, November 3, 2016 – ABB launches a product that goes further than existing conventional and fiber-optic mold temperature measurement technologies to help metals producers enhance operations within the continuous casting process.
The OptiMold Monitor, with its unparalleled spatial resolution, can be used to measure, monitor and analyze data, and can even help optimize operations in real-time. Highly accurate sensor data can provide valuable information on a broad range of mold parameters including real-time meniscus profile, speed and symmetry, early sticker detection and crack warnings.

With over 4,000 fiber-optic measuring points per complete mold, the OptiMold Monitor’s spatial resolution is more than 20 times greater than that offered by conventional temperature measurement technologies. As a result, the OptiMold Monitor can provide particularly accurate and detailed visual imaging of mold conditions critical to determining quality and productivity in continuous casting.

Mold temperature measurement technology is used to visualize conditions in the near-meniscus area crucial to determining yield and steel quality in continuous casting. The OptiMold Monitor provides 2D mold temperature maps which make it simple for the operator to view current temperature gradient data in real-time. Access to historical data also allows for more in-depth analyses of multiple events around the meniscus, can increase operator know-how and lead to fewer caster disturbances.

When combined with an electromagnetic stirring/braking device, such as the latest generation of the FC Mold (Flow Control Mold), the OptiMold Control can be used to increase control of molten steel flows and significantly reduce inclusion defects for all casting conditions online and in real-time.

“The OptiMold Monitor can turn data insights into direct action and generate real value for our customers” said Anders Lehman, head of ABB’s Metallurgy Products business. “It can be used on its own to gain fundamental understanding of mold conditions, or together with an advanced electromagnetic device, to help metals producers unlock new opportunities that increase quality and productivity and reduce operating costs in the era of industrial digitalization.”

OptiMold Monitor

Manufacturer’s objectives
Increase insight into casting conditions in the near-meniscus area in order to further optimize the continuous casting process.

ABB’s solution
High definition, fiber-optic, mold plate temperature measurement technology with unparalleled spatial resolution. In-depth, real-time data on a wide range of mold parameters gives a greater level of process insight and opportunities for improving performance in comparison with existing technologies.


    · Precise temperature measurements
    · Unprecedented spatial resolution with over 4000 fiber-optic measuring points per mold
    · Quick and easy access to data
    · Small, lightweight and robust system
    · Minimum maintenance required
    · Unrivalled process insight
    · Real-time meniscus profile
    · Meniscus flow speed and symmetry
    · Early sticker detection
    · Crack warnings
    · Mold plate condition monitoring
    · Better taper control to reduce narrow side defects
    · Enhanced process control and optimization when used together with an EM device such as the FC Mold

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