November 1st Control Technologies will start bundling orders

Dear Customer and BOL User

In ABB's continuous efforts to reduce our global CO2 footprint and increase Operational Excellence, Control Technologies (PACT) will start bundling orders.

From November 1st. 2013, for all system orders placed at our Operations Centers which do not exceed a total quantity of 10 pieces or a transfer price equivalent of 2.5 kUSD, a surcharge of 12% will be applied. Since this only affects system orders to the Operations Centers, we believe that our customers, through proper planning, will be able to avoid any additional surcharges by consolidating smaller orders into a single order. This will help us to reduce the number of annual shipments by 4,000 and save 75 tons CO2 per year!

The new minimum order size will be handled automatically in BOL for system orders that don’t meet the new criteria.

Please help us in our continues effort to reduce ABBs CO2 footprint

Note - This is only valid for system orders placed at any of PACT's Operations Centers. Service products, such as LifeCycle Parts Services etc, are available with short delivery times from BUCT Service Centers and should allways be ordered from our BUCT Service Centers.

If you have any question, please contact your local PACT Sales contact.

ABB Control Technologies
Operations Center Singapore
Customer service group Order and Delivery