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I was pleased to hear in July that ABB’s work and innovation has paid off in Canada, where we have won a major order to supply an HVDC Light system for the Maritime Link power project. The contract win is further evidence of ABB’s leadership in HVDC technology, which ABB pioneered 60 years ago and leads today. Read more about the project on page 11 - Stephen Trotter, Division Head of ABB, Power Systems UK & Ireland.
Back in the UK, I am following political matters with interest, particularly the recent ministerial appointments in energy and transport and activities in Scotland. As the UK’s political landscape shifts, ABB remains committed to delivering power infrastructure that is sustainable, reliable and cost-effective for the UK’s consumers.

Many of the projects and products within these pages showcase how ABB’s innovative technologies can improve per­formance, extend asset life and minimise both footprint and cost of infrastructure. For example, the disconnecting circuit breaker (DCB) on page 12 is a high-voltage switch that can save 60 percent of space when compared to a traditional switchgear bay, improving availability without compromising performance.

Elsewhere, ABB’s project to deliver the grid connection at Pen y Cymoedd (page 10) is giving us the opportunity to invest in the Welsh supply chain and by refurbishing and re-engineering National Grid’s shunt reactor at Willesden (page 4), the operator will be able to identify the most economically viable route to upgrading service-expired assets.

And looking ahead, I will continue to share ABB’s continued technological suc­cess stories and give the inside track on how to apply technology for resilient and cost-effective power networks.
Stephen Trotter, Division Head of ABB Power Systems, UK & Ireland