ABB helps convert Parisian Castle into International School of Excellence

2017-03-20 - Chateau de Ferrierès is a 19th century luxurious castle that has been closed for many years, approximately 25 kilometers east of Paris. Nonetheless it has now been turned into an International School of Excellence for future professionals in the industries of Hospitality, Gastronomy and Luxury goods. With the reputation of Paris itself and the prestigious nature of the building, it is the perfect place to create such an institute.
The first phase of the project – costing a substantial 20 million euros - started in 2015, where the restoration and renovation of the castle commenced, and in 2016, a new annex building was commissioned.

The Chateau once upon a time was a landmark and it’s now becoming a hub for high class events, and is of keen interest to the media. A number of television programs have been produced about the transformation and “word of mouth” has meant that the premises are booked up throughout the year. The two onsite restaurants are also attracting regular patrons for their delicious lunches and dinners. The once dormant castle has now awoken, and brought back life into the city of Ferrierès.

Due to ABB’s previous dealings with Accelis – on a somewhat smaller scale – we were brought onboard as the project’s first technical partner. Accelis, an investor and real estate group, is renowned for its investment in such projects, and will fully manage the ongoing running of the luxurious estate.

Accelis partnered with ABB in order to provide a high- and low-voltage solution, including building products, but with the benefit of flexible working. Often the requirements were non-defined until a later date and we had to work to moving deadlines and changing demands. Specifically we supplied everything from surge protection devices, to safety lights and presence detectors: as well a number of KNX switches (Future Linear and Zenit) and door entry systems. For the low-voltage solutions, we worked with a panel builder and integrator for the lighting.

We are the world-leading provider of smart home, smart building and intelligent community solutions with a pragmatic and innovative spirit as well as total contribution to social and environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our solutions help customers make their buildings intelligent and shaped to the future: as well as helping customers save up 30% energy.

A unique feature of this project was that we were the only technical partner and single point of contact, giving us control to execute the plan to time and standard of quality: and moreover to budget. It enabled us to really offer a ‘one stop shop’ and highlight our capabilities as a partner and supplier. The success of this project with Accelis has strengthened our relationship and opened up an opportunity to partner with them again. There are also additional works being done to Chateau de Ferrierès in the form of a conference center, 5 star hotel and a BIO greenhouse: therefore we are hoping to be a part of this. Our relationship with Accelis has enabled us to use the new school as a “showroom” for our products and solutions, and they have let our customers visit the site. In addition, our continued partnership means the modification and optimization of the installed solutions can be responded to quickly.

Hopefully the success of this institute and our firmly forged relationship with Accelis, will pave the way for more projects of this nature.