Casting the spotlight on ABB technologies

2017-09-19 - ABB's wide range of innovative solutions were showcased at the Electric, Power and Renewable Energy Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia from September 6-9, 2017.

Themed “digitalization-led transformation”, ABB demonstrated its pioneering technology leadership and its commitment to unlocking customer value while driving the energy revolution in Indonesia.

Satry Nugraha, Senior Advisor from Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, takes a virtual walk through ABB’s digital substation simulation

At the event, ABB demonstrated the digital grids concept, including the products, systems and software that drive the digital transformation of the power grid. The event also showcased ABB Ability™. At the same time, ABB also exhibited the latest solutions for sustainable and reliable energy for greener Indonesia. These include microgrids, a solution that is ideal to harness renewable energy in the country’s numerous islands provide access to cost-effective, reliable and high quality electricity and HVDC Light® – the latest in high voltage direct current which helps integrate renewable energy sources from remote sources.

“Indonesia is a big country with strong growth potential. ABB’s digital solutions will help support Indonesia to get more access to the technologies, whether to maintenance, service and ugrade, and also to monitor the asset performance to improve the reliability and productivity,” said Chunyuan Gu, President of Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region when visiting ABB’s booth. “ABB is very committed to bring our latest technologies to Indonesia.”

ABB received the honor of the visit from several key customers top management such as Satry Nugraha, Senior Advisor from Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ratnasari Sjamsuddin, PLN’s General Manager for Unit Induk Pembangunan Interkoneksi Sumatera Jawa (ISJ), Robert Purba, PLN’s General Manager for Unit Induk Pembangunan Jawa Bagian Barat (JBB) and Indradi Setiawan, PLN’s General Manager for Maluku and Maluku Utara.

Ratnasari Sjamsuddin, General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Unit Induk Pembangunan Interkoneksi Sumatera Jawa (ISJ) learned further about ABB’s digital substation

In addition, ABB also shed light on robots, smart sensors low-voltage motors, and plant integration system, among other interactive displays at the booth, that clearly demonstrated ABB’s cross-industry digital capabilities, to help manufacturers lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As the world’s first truly collaborative robot, YuMi is set to permanently change the way people and machines work together.

ABB Ability Smart Sensor - a wireless, pocket-sized multi-function sensor that adds the benefits of the Industrial IoT to unconnected and analog operations.

In the area of home automation, ABB demonstrated various solutions that will transform a house into an intelligent home, making many smart connections covering blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning, door communication and other devices. ABB also exhibited centralized control and fully integrated automation that helped customers’ plant processes with a focus on safety, reliability, cyber security and data privacy.

Combining ABB i-bus® KNX and plug and play enclosures provides comfort for hotel residents and ease of installation for installers

Electric Power & Renewable Energy Indonesia is considered one of the largest electric & power exhibitions in Indonesia. This year, the exhibition attracted more than 20,000 visitors, 50+ exhibiting countries and more than 1,000 exhibiting companies. The exhibition provides an ideal platform for key decision makers within the industry and major equipment manufacturers, distributors and agents to network and discuss new business opportunities in this rapidly evolving industry.