ABB in Iran…Open for business

ABB has been present in Iran since 1970. Following the partial removal of international sanctions and the country’s reintegration into the global economy, the Group reopened an ABB office in Tehran in January 2016. The office is currently expanding from a team of 30 dedicated staff, led by Country Manager Mr. Saeed Fahim.

ABB is ideally positioned in the Iranian market to deliver a comprehensive range of products and services in response to the country’s ambitious plans to establish a diversified and secure national power portfolio, while rolling out multiple large-scale utility and infrastructural projects and accelerating established sectors such as oil and gas and petrochemicals.

Facts and Figures

• Population: 80+ million*
• 2nd largest country in the Middle East in both population and GDP*
• Oil: 4th largest proven crude reserves in the world*
• Natural Gas: 2nd largest reserves in the world*
• Petrochemicals: 10th largest producer in the world*
• Power: 75,000MW of installed capacity rising to 105,000MW by 2020**
• Renewable energy: 500-1000MW of renewable energy to be generated per annum**

*Source: World Bank
** Source: Iran 6th Development Plan