Zhang Jinquan: Power Grid digitalization is the trend

2017-12-26 - With the global energy structure constantly changing, power grid is experiencing profound transformation. How to build a safer, greener and more efficient power grid through digital transformation has become a hot industrial topic. Recently in an interview with China Energy News, Zhang Jinquan, Lead Division Manager of Power Grids China and Taiwan, elaborated on the current development of power grid digitalization and ABB’s future planning in power grid digitalization.

With electric power generated by more new energy sources and connected to the grid, its flow became extremely complex. In this context, digitalization emerged as a new trend globally. Currently, it is probably focused more on digitalization of individual components or local systems, as realizing a whole system of power grid digitalization is a huge project.

ABB has rich experiences of more than four decades in digitalization. Power Grid digitalization will be proceeded from three aspects: product digitalization, system digitalization, systems of asset health center.

As the needs in electric power market are changing, we have begun to extend our business to preliminary planning and consulting for power grid. Service is another aspect of competitiveness. As customers have higher demands for the quality of power supply, we’ll constantly provide reliable systems to monitor the status of devices and forecast potential problems. We have now 17 service centers in China, and the service business of Power Grids Division in China has increased by 15 percent in 2017.