A better performance with ABB at the Ziggo Dome

2017-06-23 - With a 17,000 person capacity and 90-100 shows a year, the Ziggo Dome is the largest entertainment venue in the Netherlands.
Opened in 2012, the arena has since welcomed some of the world’s biggest artists. Behind the scenes, ABB power equipment, building automation systems and emergency lighting are in place to make every performance the best it can be.

Reliable power supply
Peter Turner, Production Engineer at the Ziggo Dome, knows how important power safety and flexibility is for both the artists and the audience.

“When people come to see a show they all think about the costumes, the dancers, the fancy stuff,” he says, “but one of the most crucial things that you need to make a show happen is a reliable power supply.”

As Ruud Bongers, Facilities Manager at the venue, explains:

“If [the power supply] failed, we would have a huge problem; we would need to evacuate 17,000 people and the show would have to be cancelled.”

ABB supplies reliable power distribution equipment to ensure the venue’s continuous operation. In addition, ABB’s range of connectors enable artists to safely adapt the Ziggo Dome’s power supply to their individual production needs.

Smart power management
The venue’s power consumption can be managed remotely from a range of devices.

“Lowering power consumption isn’t just a problem for us but for the world as a whole,” says Ruud. “We want to help by keeping our consumption low and the KNX system really helps us to do this.”

ABB’s i-bus KNX system enables Ziggo Dome employees to control many of their electrical systems from anywhere in the building. By having full control over lighting, heating and electric doors, the venue can manage its energy consumption more easily, improving efficiency.

Effective emergency lighting
Reliable safety hardware is fundamental to keeping visitors and staff safe, particularly in an emergency.

Installing ABB emergency lighting was one of the first tasks that Ruud oversaw when taking the Facilities Manager’s role. The reliable track record of ABB equipment provides him with total reassurance that any evacuation could be performed safely, even if there was a power outage.

“It’s a really good system,” says Ruud, “it’s working without a problem. Last year we changed the batteries for the first time in four years, that’s all the maintenance that’s been needed in that time.”

This is not only reassuring for the Ziggo Dome employees, but for visitors, who benefit from the reliability of ABB power equipment and emergency lighting without even knowing it.

A complete experience
“The Ziggo Dome wants to give the audience a complete experience,” says Laura Kuipers, a member of the facilities team, “the visitors don’t need to worry about anything because we’ve got it covered, they only need to come here and enjoy the music.”

Find out more about how ABB products and solutions power the Ziggo Dome in our video.

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